Display the expected date of arrival of items at inventory and sales order transactions


nexETA connects purchase orders and sales orders for determining stock arrival dates and the ability to maintain variations in shipment arrival dates.


nexETA carries the receive by and shipment date over to each item at the purchase order level, along with the purchase order number, quantity ordered, received and remaining quantity. Our algorithm is based on the latest arrival date and open purchase orders with remaining quantity, and auto-sets the arrival date whenever new purchase orders or existing dates are amended.


Manually select item dates from the purchase orders list, or disable automatic date calculation.


Dates present at the item level can be internally displayed on sales order forms while creating the order, or on printed forms after saving.


Recalculate ETA dates using mass update suitelet when vendors or shipping companies modify arrival dates.


Version:  1.0.1        Compatible With:  NetSuite, NetSuite One World, NetSuite JCurve


Fully Configurable
nexETA users can update settings based on various methods, or amend at the header/line level in purchase orders. nexETA provides the flexibility to set the same date for all items in the purchase order, or set item-specific dates. Configuration settings allow admins to set values based on business process requirements and the ability to control the data displayed at various stages in purchase orders, sales orders and items.
Various Methodologies
There are three methods to set dates in purchase orders: Receive by date manually set at purchase order by users; Lead time set on items; Lead time set at vendor level. nexETA displays dates at the sales order level based on inventory quantities, or from a manual selection based on user input.
Instant Data Visualisation
nexETA displays the ETA date when items are added to sales orders or upon save, providing the information instantly. Dates are directly sourced from the purchase order, providing an instant snapshot of all open consignments to be received. nexETA updates at the item level nightly with a scheduled script that will update the latest date based on all open purchase orders available, and will set to a blank value if there are no open purchase orders.
Recalculate ETA Date
The recalculate ETA date process provides a simple and intuitive way to update purchase order and sales order dates when there are delays in shipment or changes advised by external parties. It eliminates double handling and a time-consuming method of individually updating purchase and sales orders for affected shipments. The recalculate ETA function provides admins the control to assign and gives users the flexibility in choosing to batch-update affected transactions, or update one at a time.


Simplicity: Easy to record, update and automate with no complex algorithm settings.

Item-Level ETA: Provides the user the ability to set one date for all Items in the purchase order, or to provide a different date for each item.

Customer Service Improvement: Clients and customer service staff get a reliable ETA date for fulfillment; easily include the ETA on sales order confirmation and invoices.

Reporting: ETA is displayed at an item record for ready viewing by staff or to create custom searches and reports. Stores the ETA date on the item record, allowing you to create custom searches or reports. Ability to update clients automatically when the purchase order ETA is updated, using saved search schedule emails for items on backorder.

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